Won 3rd Place for Students of the Faculty of Economics and Business in the International Competition “ULM NATIONAL INVESTMENT COMPETITION” (UNIC) 2022″

Students of Economics and Development Studies (IESP) have achieved another achievement. In the “ULM National Investment Competition” (UNIC) competition which was held offline by the University of Lambung Mangkurat (ULM) Banjarmasin, it was held in August 2022 through 2 stages of online and offline assessment. The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) sent a team of representatives, namely Mr. Team. Nobody consisting of Reynaldi Elica Kenrick and Fajar Ridwan (Economics and Development Studies 2018).

There are several stages that are followed in this competition, starting with stock trading carried out at each university and then the highest gain will be taken as many as 15 teams to go to the Final Round stage in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. There are still several series of events that are followed during the Final Round, the first is the Beauty Contest where participants will present a paper from the results of their stock analysis, then the second is Trading On The Spot, where participants will trade in one stock trading session, and the last series is #1 and Box Katik where participants will answer questions related to the Indonesian capital market. After following the stages of the existing series of events, Mr. Team. Nobody got the results by winning 3rd place and getting a Bronze Medal.

Congratulations to Reynaldi Elica Kenrick and Fajar Ridwan for winning the Bronze Medal and making the Department of Economics and Development Studies (IESP) proud at the national level. Hopefully it can provide inspiration and motivation for friends who are or will take part in other competitions.

Keep Inspiring……..